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$5,500 Men's Pairs Tournament

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February 2020

Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 February 2019

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Note: this is an abbreviated version of the Players Programme, for conditions of play refer to the Players Programme.

Following the success of the women's pairs and a little bit of "not to be out done by the women" the men embarked on putting together a similar tournament for the men and thanks to the kind donation from Tony Grantham "the Champions Cup" to play for. As with the women's the men's proved to be an over whelming success. Two days of highly completive bowls, great prize money, and fantastic food is just too much not to be part of.

The 2019 tournament is endorsed by Bowls New Zeland as part of the Summer of Bowls.

Enquiries for 2020 email: or phone: 027 6661618

Note: the tournament is full for Feb 2019

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***** Results 2019 *****

Champions Cup:
Winners: David Akaruru, Mark Hall (s)
Runners-up: Martin Dixon, Mike Galloway (s)
Third equal: Lionel Drew, Evan Tomas (s)
Third equal: Adam Haywood, Scott Cottrell (s)

Champions Cup A Flight:
Winner: Murray Vallance, Colin Rogan (s)
Runners-up: Bryan Chapman, Neil Fisher (s)

Champions Cup B Flight:
Winners: Barry Rajendram, Chris Lourie (s)
Runners-up: James Gavin, Gavin Brown (s)

Winners: Mike Bradshaw, Neville Hill (s)
Runners-up: John Gray, Steve Beel (s)

Consolation Flight:
Winners: Brain David Ross, Duane McDonald (s)
Runners-up: Mark Rumble, Nigel Drew (s)

Colosseum Challenge:
Winners: Ken Fitness, Dennis Brewster (s)
Runners-up: Bart Robertson, Gary Breckon (s)

***** Results 2018 *****

Champions Cup:
Winners:  Adam Haywood, Scott Cottrell (s)
Runners-up:  Bryan Chapman, Neil Fisher (s)
Third equal:  Mark Hall, Brody Dix (s)
Third equal:  Gordan Bond, John Dunn (s)

Champions Cup A Flight:
Winner:  Neville Hill, Dennis Brewster (s)
Runners-up:  Jerry Belcher, Lionel Drew (s)

Champions Cup B Flight:
Winners:  Bruce McClintock, David Eades (s)
Runners-up:  Justin Goodwin, Jamie Hill (s)

Winners:  Murray Vallance, Colin Rogan (s)
Runners-up:  Steve Cox, Grant Goodwin (s)

Consolation Flight:
Winners:  Brain Cavert, Ray Smythe (s)
Runners-up: Mike Bradshaw, Ken Fitness (s)

Redemption Challenge:
Winners:  Brad Reichert, Brian Wilson (s)
Runners-up: Gordon Smith, Stuart MacKecnie (s)

***** Results 2017 *****

Champions Cup
Winners:  Justin Goodwin, Tony Grantham (s)
Runners-up:  Petar Sain, Scott Cottrell (s)
Third equal: Mark Rumble, Bart Robertson (s)
Third equal:  Sam Nelson, David Hood (s)

Champions Cup A Flight:
Winner:  Taylor Horn,  Adam Hayward (s)
Runners-up:  Jordan King, Chris Lowe (s)

Champions Cup B Flight:
Winners:  Scott Curran, David Eades (s)
Runners-up:  Ian Fisher, Neil Fisher (s)

Winners:  Jimmy Health, Daymon Pierson (s)
Runners-up: Harry Skyes, John Grantham (s)

Consolation Flight:
Winners:  Brent Malcolm, Greg Taylor (s)
Runners-up: Lindsay Gilmore, Colin O’Brian (s)

***** Results 2016 *****

Champions Cup
Winners: Kerry Chapman, Dwayne Cameron (s)
Runners-up: Steve Cox, Grant Goodwin (s)
Third equal: Brian Wilson, Brad Reichert (s)
Third equal: Peter Thorne, Danny O’Connor (s)

Champions Cup A Flight
Winner: Dusty Reader, Steve Smith (s)
Runners-up: Justin Goodwin, Tony Grantham (s)

Champions Cup B Flight
Winners: Mike Haggart, Stuart MacKechnie (s)
Runners-up: Bryan Chapman, Neil Fisher (s)

Winners: Mark Rumble, Nigel Drew (s)
Runners-up: Jesse Russell, Allan Stewart (s)

Consolation Flight
Winners: Mike Bradshaw, Ken Fitness (s)
Runners-up: Doug Campbell, Bruce Baker (s)

***** Results 2015 *****

Champions Cup
Winners - Justin Goodwin, Tony Grantham (s)
Runners-up - Steve Cox, Grant Goodwin (s)
Third equal - Nick Krajancic, Petar Sain (s)
Third equal - Neil Connel, John Dunn (s)

Champions Cup A Flight
Winner - Jamie Hill, Neville Hill (s)
Runners-up - Scott Curran, David Eades (s)

Champions Cup B Flight
Winners - Duane McDonald, David Ross (s)
Runners-up - M.Rumble, N.Drew (s)

Winners - C.McElvanna, Rory Soden
Runners-up - Tony Garelja, Vladimir (Wally) Marsic (s)

Consolation Flight
Winners - Keith Burgess, Russel Hocking (s)
Runners-up - Brian Wilson, Joe Whitelaw(s)

***** Results 2014 *****

Champions Cup
Winners - Jordan King, Danny Delany (s)
Runners-up - Jamie Hill, Neville Hill (s)
Third equal - Terry O'Conner, Petar Sain (s)
Third equal - Mike Bradshaw, Nick Botica (s)

Champions Cup A Flight
Winners - Justin Goodwin, Tony Grantham (s)
Runners-up - Bryan Chapman, Neil Fisher (s)

Champions Cup B Flight
Winners - Graham King, Ken Fitness (s)
Runners-up - Mario Arnerich, Nick Krajancic (s)

Winners - Lance Tasker, Danny O'Connor (s)
Runners-up - Neil Connell, John Dunn (s)

Consolation Flight
Winners - Tony Garalja, Vladimir (Wally) Masic (s)
Runners-up - Brian Allison, David Hood (s)

***** Results 2013 *****

Champions Cup
Winners - Vladimir (Wally) Marsic (s), Tony Garelja
Runners Up - Dennis Matthews (s), Russell Hocking
Third equal - Tony Grantham (s), Justin Goodwin
Third equal - Merv Garred (s), Mark Rumble

Champions Cup A Flight
Winners - Nigel Drew (s), Martin Short
Runners Up - Shane Gibson (s), Jodan King

Champions Cup B Flight
Winners - Danny O'Connor (s), Lance Tasker
Runners Up - Grant Goodwin (s), Steve Cox

Winners - Randall Watkins (s), John O'Shea
Runners Up - Kevin Williams (s), Michael Savage

Consolation Flight
Winners - Neil Fisher (s), Bryan Chapman
Runners Up - Leon Wech (s), Paul Freeth

***** 2012 Results*****

Champions Cup
1st Neville Hill , Jamie Hill
2nd Vladimir (Wally) Marsic , Tony Garelja
3rd= Fili Laumea , Sam Lotoke
3rd= Rod Mahon , Shane Gibson

Champions Cup A Flight
1st Grant Goodwin , Steve Cox
2nd Neil Fisher , Bryan Chapman

Champions Cup B Flight
1st Steve Doolan , Pater Nathan
2nd Lance Tacker , Danny O’Connor

1st Nick Krajancic , David Pasad
2nd John O’Shea , Mark Emirali

Consolation Flight
1st John Dunn , Chris Gore
2nd David Gear , Tom Campbel

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