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Club Playing Programme

The Birkenhead Bowling Club playing programme for 2018-2019 summer season is available below (click on the image):
Note: The full programe including the Club's social programme is available in the Club handbook.

Opening Day - Saturday 31 August

Sunday Ham Tournament (OACT) - Sunday 1 Decemebr

Rod Mahon Memorial Triples - Ham (OACT) - Wednesday 18 December

$5,500 Birkenhead Men's Pairs Tournament (MP) - Saturday 8 & Sunday 9 February

$6,500 "The Good Home Birkenhead" Women's Pairs Tournament (WP) - Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 February

"Wheels On Wairau" Seafood Tournament (OACF) - Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 April

"Carpet Mill Archers Road" $2,500 Easter Triples (OACT) - Friday 10 & Saturday 11 April

Closing Day - Saturday 16 May

The Match Committee reserves the right to alter the programme as and when necessary.
Please refer to the notice board for any changes or reschedules.

  Click on the handbook cover above for the club playing programme